Hudson Tray


It’s not every day that a gift makes the kind of impression that can stop us in our tracks or compel us to pause and take notice.  In today’s modern age with its emphasis on a fast-paced, digital lifestyle, finding something unique in a sea of mediocrity can be vitalizing and inspiring.

A leading liberal arts college located here in southern California sought suggestions for something special to present to their donors at a gala celebrating the successful completion of a large capital campaign. The challenge was finding a gift that was modest but tasteful and elegant enough to adequately express their appreciation.

After some research, Chameleon recommended the Hudson Tray.  The piece, handmade from aluminum in Pennsylvania exemplifies attention to detail, elegance and craftsmanship. It’s strong and simple, and people resonate with the heirloom-quality gift on a personal level because it’s also beautiful and meaningful.  A gift that would capture the essence of their deep-felt gratitude, the Hudson Tray became the perfect choice.

*  Product images shown provided by factory are not of specific project described.