April 22, 1970 marks the birth of Earth Day.

That year, Americans from all walks of life joined thousands of college and university students to demonstrate for a sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies.

What began with 20 million Americans in 1970 grew to 200 million people worldwide in 1990.

The Earth Day movement reached across the globe to 144 countries, elevating environmental issues to global proportions.  Today, those numbers have grown to over one billion people in more than 192 countries.

The next time you pick up a disposable plastic water bottle, hold it up and imagine it filled 1/4 with oil.

That’s how much oil was needed to produce the bottle.  It takes 47 million gallons of oil to create disposable plastic water bottles each year.

Did you know that 5 trillion plastic bags are produced every year?

Side by side, they can circle the world 7 times.  Sadly, more than 75% of disposable plastic bags are never recycled, they’re simply thrown away, contributing to our landfill waste problems or end up in the oceans, harming marine life.

Fortunately, you can make a big difference just by making small choices that are good for the environment and good for your budget, too.

Start by trading in your disposable plastic bottles and plastic bags for water bottles and tote bags that are reusable and earth friendly.

Let’s join the billions and help make a global impact for a sustainable future. And let’s spread the message of Earth Day 2016 that good stewardship is an agenda we can all get behind.

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