Making a positive difference in the world on a global scale often starts with just one small step.   And sometimes the smallest step in the right direction is the one that counts.

Recently, City of Hope wanted to do something special to recognize their employees who not only dedicate their careers to City of Hope but also part of their paychecks as they donate back to the organization in order to fund continued research.

They were looking for a gift that would express their appreciation but wouldn’t end up on a shelf forgotten.  It needed to capture the essence of their deep-felt gratitude and be something that would serve as a daily reminder of the value each employee plays in making a positive difference in their community.

We at Chameleon Creative Group worked closely with City of Hope to come up with the perfect solution. We landed upon a popular item that could be customized to reflect the message they wished to express.

Acrylic coasters became the clear choice.  The scratch resistant acrylic coasters reflect the employee’s generous participation with their slogan, Hope Starts With Us.

Our Item of the Week

acrylic coaster

The coaster sits attractively on desks or tabletops and the cork backing provides a soft landing spot for water bottles and coffee mugs.  Functional and visually appealing, it became the perfect gift to show their appreciation.

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